Work Sessions of Plasma Theory



progressively updated in 2019

The Work Sessions of Plasma Theory are a series of meetings intended to help improve our understanding of various aspects of basic or applied plasma physics. A meeting is an opportunity to compare different approaches and formulations, to identify new solutions and to ellaborate references to be used as points of start in future investigations.

An elementary positive effect of such Sessions should be the possible reduction of the confusion which is usually created by the wide diversity of formulations, analytical technics and/or numerical results. It would be helpful to collect a series of methods and technical treatments in a core of basic formulations, to be further used in exploration of more complex situations. At least one would know where to start from.

Many important analytical treatments are now incorporated in numerical codes and this has reduced to a certain extent the interest to keep alive our ability to return, when necessary, to the first analytical description. Why would that be necessary ? It is our opinion that inside the basic approaches, developed in some cases many years ago, it is reflected the physical picture. Without this, a progress will always be difficult.

Briefly characterized, the Work Sessions are a series of comments, evaluations, verifications, confrontation of possible approaches and selection of procedures. There is no intention to substitute textbooks or review articles and the periodic return to the orginal journal papers is highly recommended. In our meetings, repetitions and redundancies are not to be avoided.

The texts that we place here (the links below) are amorph and incomplete. They are a simple list of problems and will be shaped through discussions. We hope that sometime they will be useful.


Few words about the intention of the Work Sessions plus a draft of the Content


 Basic neoclassical theory

The framework

    Geometry , Magnetic field

Particle motion

version of 28 November 2019

    Equations of particle motion

Drift kinetic equation

    Derivation of the drift kinetic equation

Basic equilibrium flows

    The toroidal geometry induces plasma flows at equilibrium; here is the raw material for the     Second Work Session of Plasma Theory. Later it will take a more organized form.

Solutions to the neoclassical drift-kinetic equation

    The drifts of the charged particles, induced by toroidality, change the distribution function which will not be Maxwellian even at equilibrium.

     We examine few solutions of the drift kinetic equation. Here is the raw material for the Third Work Session of Plasma Theory.

     The Presentation includes a short review.

Variation of plasma parameters in the magnetic surface.

    This is a neoclassical result, a constraint to all calculations of radial flux of particles and the source of spontaneous poloidal rotation.

     We just return to some parts of previous expositions and focus on the variation of the plasma parameters (density) and electrostatic potential in the surface. This text is just a compilation from the previous ones, and is a raw material.

Rotation of plasma rotation.

version of november 2021

    Connections, comments, some applications.

Bootstrap Bootstrap current

version of November 2021

     Raw material for discussion.

NBI and NBICD Neutral Beam Injection

version of November 2021

     Raw material for discussion.

Collision operators.

    Few generalities then examination of several applications.

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