Statistical physics


 Coherent structure immersed in turbulent field

This is an application of the functional method (classical path integral formulation for a statistical system) using the Martin Siggia Rose Lagrangian in the Jensen approach, as described here in "Functional methods"

Coherent structure in turbulence

There is a particularity that makes possible the calculation of the spectrum of a coherent vortex affected by its interaction with a background of turbulent drift wave: they all are close to the extremum of the action functional. The elements of the picture (vortex, turbulent field) look different, but they are close in the function space where the measure is the magnitude of the action.


 Statistical ensemble of coherent vortices interacting with a turbulent field

Vortices in turbulence

Statistical analysis of ensemble of vortices interacting with a turbulent field.

Few corrections to cross references. The published paper is Physics of Plasmas 12, 112303 (2005)



It occurs frequently in application. In Plasma Physics, for example, - in the threshold excitation of instabilities.

Particles in a potential acting as a barrier

Path integral treatment of the particle's passage across the barrier potential


 Examination of data

There are sets of data coming from experiments or numerical simulations. We have to examine their content to extract useful information. We discuss, amateur-like, few problems of this type. Old text, 2004 or 2005.

Data sets that may contain order and even solitons

Different views on a data set.