Lasers and Optics


 Optical turbulence

The propagation in air of the short pulse of a high power laser can reach a regime of random filamentation which has been found to be similar to fluid turbulence. It is called "optical turbulence".

Optical turbulence and the Labyrinth instability

We claim that there is a common mathematical ground for the "Optical turbulence" and for the "Labyrinth instability"

Optical turbulence and the activator - inhibitor dynamics

The self-focusing and the plasma defocusing acts in the Optical Turbulence regime like the activator - inhibitor components of a reaction diffusion system. We find that this parallel can be useful for laser pulse propagation.


 Optical systems properties

Calculation of wave-front propagation for the "point-spread-function" of an optical system with excentric lenses. The initial objective was practical: to find the tolerances of an industrial process of assembling optical devices. I have written a set of codes for optical propagation of geometric rays through surfaces placed arbitrarily in space. Then a series of calculation to reproduce the wave form and a rather complicated method to build the intensity on the plane of incidence. A representation in relief of this result.

Everything was original, as that time used to impose to everybody, nothing was already available. Almost nothing has remained, except few pictures.

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